Advertising and the latest technologies: How to Manage an Advertising Campaign with AI?

Artificial intelligence in advertising? Of course. In the field of programmatic advertising, the term “artificial intelligence” has been around for a while. More and more often, digital marketing uses AI technologies – artificial intelligence.

These technologies are developing and becoming better and better in terms of the main tools for attracting customers and brand recognition, namely, setting rates for impressions and clicks and real-time performance. In the next few years, artificial intelligence will have an increasingly significant impact on audience targeting, advertising performance prediction and optimization.

We will tell you what you need to know about AI software and the benefits of using artificial intelligence in advertising.

What is AI software?

Let’s start with the definition. What is AI software? If you use programmatic advertising, you know that it is an automatic purchase of ad space that is then used to display your ads to your target audience. This form of effective marketing is becoming increasingly popular, and in 2019, it accounted for 65% of internet advertising spending. Programmatic advertising made up almost 50% of advertising investments.

AI software is used to make programmatic advertising work as efficiently and accurately as possible. AI analyzes billions of data points in real-time, evaluates them, and uses them for ad placement and optimization. Based on complex algorithms, programmatic AI creates predictions in fractions of a second and, depending on the selected parameters, translates them into a specific proposal. Then, all possible ad placements are compared, and the most suitable placement is ultimately chosen at the lowest possible price. You blink once, and programmatic AI has already completed the entire process.

The Future: Programmatic AI in Automated Advertising

After this brief technical description, you can be sure of one thing: programmatic AI or artificial intelligence will become increasingly crucial for programmatic advertising and will continue to gain importance in the coming years.

Advantages of programmatic advertising:

  • Minimal losses due to more detailed data compared to contextual advertising.
  • Personalized content and ad layouts.
  • Detailed measurement of campaign effectiveness.
  • Accurate calculation of advertising contact costs.

Artificial intelligence is still an uncharted territory for many, but it is a technology that cannot be stopped. Those who experiment with it earlier, who use the new tools we are developing, will reap a richer harvest and have an advantage over competitors.

If you want to know what opportunities programmatic advertising specifically offers for your business, just write to us.


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Programmatic advertising includes advertising channels such as display and banner advertising, video advertising, native advertising, digital audio channels, controlled by digital radio stations and streaming services such as Spotify, Digital Out of Home and Adressable, smart TVs.

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