About Us

We are a team of highly qualified specialists with more
than ten years of experience in online marketing and media.

We have helped many international projects to improve their websites and online shops, to advertise and thus to win new customers.

Based on the experience gained and continuous training, we are happy to advise you about new technologies and ways to optimize your business processes.

In Barcelona and Spain we also offer professional video recording and postproduction for your content strategy and branding goals.

Regina Zaltsman


Anastasia Iskrova

Marketing Manager

Mark Vivas

Web Developer & UX Expert

Tatiana Krylova

Social Media Manager

Ekaterina Belova

Google Ads Manager
Certified Google Ads Professional

Anastasia Golubkina

Account Manager

Izan Pérez

Web Developer

By each project our team members are working together to create a well thought-out plan which will work in accordance with your business strategy. The goal we are working on together is the highest return on your investment possible.

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