Programmatic Advertising

Comprehensive advertising solution. We can reach the necessary narrow audiences of potential users, addressing them through different channels

Display & Mobile

Addressable TV

Digital outdoor

Audio & Video

How does programmatic ads work?

Programmatic advertising is that not just targeting is set, but the conditions under which the advertisement is displayed. For example, users located in country A who use media in language B, plus demographic criteria, etc.

So the settings “say” the advertising system does not “buy advertising space here”, but “show this advertising material if this or that condition is met and user characteristics are present.

Programmatic Advertising Agency

Programmatic technology allows you to go beyond Google, Facebook, etc., and reach the intended audience through other advertising channels: radio, TV, out-of-home digital stands, and by selecting the latter by radius or zip code around the desired places.
This allows you to deliver advertising messages very specifically to almost any target group. B2C and B2B.

In addition, Programmatic has very good analysis capabilities = we can accurately analyze what type of users are making high-quality conversions.

Benefits of programmatic advertising

Omni channel customer reach

High-quality traffic and leads

Real-time analysis & optimization

Data management from one source

Programmatic advertising process

How we as your programmatic ad agency work on your project
to reach goals and generate leads:

  1. Definition of Potential Customers and Strategy

    We define the target audience according to your business’ aim for the particular project and ad campaign
  2. Creation of media materials

    We create programmatic ads in a variety of formats and designs in order to build customized visibility on the various channels and deliver for a specific audience
  3. Programmatic Media Buying

    The next step is to select and prepare advertising space to build a reach according to target audience definition and strategy
  4. Analysis and Improvements

    We analyze customer behavior in real-time, make adjustments and customization of creatives and settings. Thus, we reach and activate the target group at the best possible time, in the right context
  5. Finding similar / look-a-like audiences

    Analysis of the collected data allows us to find similar audiences you couldn’t reach before. Above all, this informed targeting optimizes your media spend and lowers your acquisition costs.
  6. Adjustment of Target Audiences

    Run successful ad sets, getting conversions and leads

The result: omnichannel reach of potential customers,
more performance, more leads

Budget: only from 0
* Budget includes media spend, media production, management and reporting

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    Regina is a real guru of the digital world! she helped me with building a comprehensive strategy for my online business and shared some good advice on how to effectively manage it. Thank you so much, Regina!
    Elena Gonzalez
    14 may 2018
    Llevamos un año trabajando juntos. Me gusta tu enfoque y profesionalidad. Gracias
    Grupo Vimcalor
    7 month ago
    Thanks a lot for your audit and kind attention!
    Bénédicte Reynaud
    6 november 2018
    Frau Zaltsman hat mir mehr geholfen als gedacht. Da ich aus der Branche komme, weiß ich genau worauf man achten muss und kann die Expertise von Ihr nur bestätigen. Sie hat echt Ahnung und kann echte Ergebnisse liefern. Auch meine Kampagnen wurden optimiert. 🙂
    Daniel Neuberger
    4 month ago
    Als Eigentümerin einer österreichischen Werbeagentur habe ich mich von Regina Zaltsman im Bezug auf Google Adwords beraten lassen. Regina super freundlich, kompetent und ein absoluter Profi. Sie hat mich hervorragend in die Thematik eingeführt. Ich weiß nun genau worauf es bei der Anzeigenerstellung ankommt, worauf ich auf den Webseiten selbst achten muss und kann somit auch meine Kunden besser beraten.
    Bettina Wittmann
    10 August 2016
    Gracias a dedicación y trabajo de una gran profesional Regina Zaltsman, Asociación de Mujeres Empresarias Rusoparlantes "AMER" ha conseguido GOOGLE GRANT. Estamos muy contentos de poder aprovechar esta oportunidad. Recordamos a todos Regina Zaltsman. Muy buen resultado!!!!
    Anastasia Shik
    4 month ago
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