Web development
with Craft CMS

We offer a comprehensive web development service with Craft CMS as well as support, enhancement, fine tuning and search engine optimization.

Zaltsman Media uses CraftCMS, a unique CMS system for easy and user-friendly management of your own website. Craft CMS is a solid platform for modern web development that helps us achieve high quality and top positions on Google.

We think according to your strategy and ensure that your website fits perfectly with your company and your current sales strategy. We always focus on the quality of our work, with great attention to detail and refinement.

A good website starts with a good strategy.

We start with an action plan for your online strategy. We consider your future vision. It should be a website that achieves your goals not only now, but also in 5 years.

User experience is central

A website is a tool to solve your business tasks. A nice design is not enough, it should make visitors take action, such as: for example, placing an order or purchasing, subscribing to a newsletter or contacting you, etc. Therefore, we always create an interaction design and wireframes to map and control the visitor’s behavior.

Unique design

Zaltsman Media offers a unique and recognizable responsive design that fits perfectly with your house style. Of course, we design our websites in such a way that a positive user experience and an optimal conversion rate are possible for your company.

Solid technologies

We work with open source frameworks like Yii Framework, Craft CMS and Laravel. Through our years of experience with these systems, we ensure high quality in our development process with the latest technologies.

Our technology experts turn your idea into a successful website focused on usability and conversion. We use Craft CMS to create a flexible tool that helps your business achieve its goals. With this web technology, you can freely do what you need to succeed.

Our services

Do you want to update your existing website? Or would you like to have a completely new website developed by us? We look forward to working with you.

Website Development

A website should be an extension of your organization, adding value and conversion. User experience is the focus here.

Web Applications

We specialize in the development of complex web applications and connections to external systems.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you have a website or application, but do not reach your target audience? Then online marketing is the next step.

Hosting and Maintenance

Completely unburdened Zaltsman Media offers you a one-stop-shop for web-hosting, domain names and e-mail hosting.

We do not end our work process after the site has been created. Project support, training and consulting are also important aspects of our services.

Contact Us

We can jointly assess the results achieved – monthly or quarterly – and set new goals if necessary.

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